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The Pearl of the Mediterranean

About North Cyprus

Real Estate Investment

Advantages of Investment in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus stands out as an attractive target for real estate investors. Advantages include affordable prices, a wide range of real estate, fast return opportunities, residence permits available to foreigners, low property taxes. In addition, the increasing demand for housing every year and the tourist attraction of the island make Northern Cyprus an ideal option not only for investment but also for living a quality life.

Property Prices

Affordable real estate compared to European countries increases the investment potential in Cyprus by offering investors a variety of options.

Return on Investment

The shorter return on investment period in Northern Cyprus ensures that investments gain value quickly and effectively.

Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who buy a house in Northern Cyprus can easily live in Cyprus by obtaining a residence permit.

Foreign Exchange Return

Transactions in the Cyprus real estate sector, generally carried out using strong currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD, offer investors the opportunity for foreign currency-based returns.

Housing Demand

Housing demand in Cyprus, which hosts millions of tourists and hundreds of thousands of students every year, is increasing day by day. This causes an increase in real estate prices.

Property Taxes

Property taxes, both paid during the purchase process and paid while owning the property, offer investors an additional advantage by providing a low tax burden.
Life in the Mediterranean

Benefits of Living in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus provides unique advantages for those who want to live. In this region, which offers a paradise for life with its Mediterranean climate, magnificent natural beauties, historical riches and low crime rates, the economic cost of living is quite reasonable. In addition, with its quality health services, educational opportunities and various tourist attractions, Northern Cyprus not only offers a safe and peaceful life, but also brings modern living standards.

Mediterranean Climate

Northern Cyprus stands out with its Mediterranean climate; Hot summers and mild winters offer pleasant weather throughout the year.

Amazing Nature

With its magnificent beaches, mountain views and air quality, Northern Cyprus creates various discovery opportunities for nature lovers.

Historical and Cultural Richness

Thousands of years of historical history, cultural heritage, legendary ancient ruins and local culture make Northern Cyprus unique.

Tourist Attraction

With its rich history, unique beaches and dynamic nightlife, Northern Cyprus stands out as a destination that attracts tourists.

Cost of Living

The economic cost of living is quite low, and affordable housing prices and living costs make living in Northern Cyprus attractive.

Trust and Peace

With its low crime rates, welcoming locals and calm atmosphere, Northern Cyprus offers a safe and peaceful lifestyle.